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A most important trip in my life

Filed under: What I did recently | Tags: Buddhist Circle, trip to india and nepal | November 4th, 2010

Tomorrow I will begin the most important trip in my life (actually [it is] “a” most important trip because I intend to visit there again in the future). My father and I will join the Buddhist Circle tour to India and Nepal. I am very glad to have the opportunity to pay respect to the 4 most important places  in the current Buddha’s life which are the Birthplace of Buddha, the place where he enlightened, and preached for the first time, and got nirvana. I also have the apportunity to visit Savathi, the town where Buddha’s Jetavana Monastery has been established. I have read a book to prepare myself (apart from some knowledge that I already have with me). My website will have no new blog for around 9 days.

Until we meet again on November 12 (or 13)!  Enjoy all others of my blogs. :-D

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